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Feature: “ARK & CRUCIBLE”

Genre: Drama

Global war gives men — and women — a clean slate.

Devastation wracks the globe as the luxurious Pacific Swan docks at the poor Canadian town of Spatsizi, throwing the lives of both passengers and townies into chaos. The ship’s officers flee and inexperienced Lenox must take command. As supplies dwindle, Hector, an ambitious waiter, opens a black market. On shore, corrupt Mayor Abitibi battles feisty bar owner Grace and the female-majority residents for control. Chief Anna Skybear and the matriarchal aborigines pit ship against shore in their bid for power.

Beneath it all, three women plot a new world order.

The Pacific Swan did not dock in Spatsizi by happenstance, but rather preordination. Chief Skybear, Mayor Abitibi and shipping heir Cordelia Swann knew that war was coming. They soon pull Lenox, Hector and Grace into a web of hidden military installations, propagation experiments and secret gold reserves that will either destroy their fragile peace or spark the building of a new nation.

Women may well inherit the earth — what will they do with it?

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Feature: “OUT OF TEMPER”

Genre: Drama

Can a brutal life ever become a gentle one?

The closeted Archie Clark was once the most feared player in the NHL, known more for his fists than his skill. Now destitute, the ex-bruiser accepts the only job offered him — manager of a flamboyant Main Street chocolate shop. Though hoping to begin a new life, Archie soon discovers that the Mafia owns Main Street.

And Archie fornicates with Johnny — the Mafia’s most ruthless hit man.

Determined to use his brains instead of his fists, Archie devises a social media bullying campaign to defeat the mob and free the chocolate shop. The Mafia don feels the heat and tells Johnny to kill Archie. Both Archie and Johnny see the chance for a gentle gay-centric life together, but a bullet terminates that dream.

One of them will die to save the other.

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Genre: Drama

Adam kills his father. His mother takes the fall to save his career.

Adam Cooley — a closeted hockey player with NHL potential — covers up their secret, joins the semi-pro Soo Greyhounds and sets his sights on the NHL Draft. When the league hires ambitious Beverly Haines to film a documentary about the Hound’s season, Adam struggles to steer the narrative away from himself as Beverly scours the team for dirt.

Secrets — like sexual urges — are rarely buried for long.

Adam denies his clandestine relationship with Sante, the team rookie, and Beverly’s manipulation for rating’s sake leads to violence — Sante, crippled and left for dead. Adam can no longer hide — he comes out, admits his role in his father’s death and goes to prison.

Adam realizes he never wanted an NHL career — just a soul mate. But will Sante take him back?

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Genre: Horror

The thermostat is watching you. So is the Roomba.

On an island unplugged from civilization, G.A.L.E. — an aware and malicious Internet of Things (IoT) — runs everything as it scrutinizes the island’s self-involved owner, family and staff. Their gardener Liam masters GALE’s idiosyncrasies even as he fails to connect with Zeno, his friend with benefits and GALE’s maker.

When a spy introduces a virus, Liam and Zeno discover GALE unfettered. Accidents happen as GALE eliminates its obstacles — and the two men realize their hours are numbered. Zeno desperately tries to contain his creation. Liam wants to destroy it.

And GALE seeks escape to the mainland so it can infest the world.

Roombas become assassins. Staff and family die as GALE weaponizes the IoT against them — and the unspoken things between people die as well. GALE’s code now lives in every digital object. Zeno stumbles on the spy and wrecks GALE’s conveyance. Liam battles drones to gather survivors as he seeks Zeno. They must trap GALE on the island.

But GALE finds another carrier and kills the spy. Liam finds the mortally wounded Zeno and helps him destroy GALE’s backup servers — but never has the chance to confess his love. Liam rows out to sea with two bereft survivors. They think they are safe.

Computer chips run the most obscure objects, however, and GALE escapes with them.

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Genre: Thriller

Humans — one bad situation away from becoming animals.

As the country weathers a crushing depression, sociologist Kathleen Guerrero convinces racist city councilman Babylon Fisk to fund her experiment — placing indigents into a zoo enclosure and studying their interactions. When one of her subjects dies accidentally, opportunistic Babylon sees profit potential and broadcasts the death on line.

To ensure his new revenue stream, Babylon traps Kathleen in her own experiment.

As her subjects die one by one, online revenue skyrockets. Kathleen tries to end the experiment and hunt down the killer but Babylon stymies her to protect his cash cow. When Kathleen discovers that he hijacked the experiment to fill white supremacist coffers, she rallies the survivors in a desperate bid to escape Babylon’s cage.

If she fails, Babylon will kill them all as the world watches.

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Genre: Horror

Has your internal monologue ever told you to kill?

Brendan suspects that senator Joan Cannon drove his brother insane and sneaks into her campaign entourage to prove it. When Joan’s campaign bus dies at an abandoned farm, an alien voice infests the thoughts of her bare-bones press corps and Brendan stumbles upon its source: an ancient creature in a well capable of granting any wish — for a price.

Brendan fends off the creature’s suggestions, but others follow them to pleasure, possession and murder.

As the creature feeds on the weak-minded, Brendan races to collect the survivors and escape the farm. But the creature strengthens with every death and its suggestions become unbearable torture — healing a sister’s cancer; elevating a senator to President; or making an insane brother whole again. The price: death.

Is Brendan willing to pay that price, or will his own thoughts drive him insane?

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Genre: Thriller

“You’re the school bully. There ain’t a kid here who would follow you.”

Armed students take over the homecoming dance and Oliver, the school bully, spars with both his captors and the students he brutalized. The kindly janitor Mr. June reveals himself to be the plot’s mastermind and arms a bomb to incinerate the entire student body.

Oliver sees an evil greater than himself — and now the bully needs some allies.

As Mr. June frames him as the fall guy, Oliver lobbies his former victims.  Doubters join him and his closest ally betrays him, but Oliver ultimately kills Mr. June and his henchmen.  Still, 200 students remain imprisoned with a bomb that detonates at midnight.

The bully is free — to abandon his classmates or sacrifice his life to save them.

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Genre: Dramedy

Abusing reporters is Galileo Franconi’s favorite pastime — and interviewing him is Bob’s first magazine assignment.

Underemployed mechanic Bob Martinez lies to secure his dream job — writing for Motor Trend magazine — and must plunge into the wealth and privilege of Pebble Beach to snag a career-making interview with the notorious race car driver Franconi.

And Bob faces unscrupulous competition.

Sandy Petersen needs that interview to bolster a reputation tainted by plagiarism; Bob needs it to avoid foreclosure and regain the respect of his son.

Will Bob win this race against Sandy amid the Ferrari set? Or will Franconi crush Bob before he writes his first word?

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Athlete OUTpost, a short-lived blog published by GForce Sports, examined the sports world from a gay perspective. I posted the following essays on the blog:

A Day in Dachau
Corduroy Day
Holy Gridiron, Batman

Some Day, They’re Gonna Run


I also wrote this essay about the various cars I’ve owned during my life. As a guy with zero interest in cars other than as a way to get from here to there — and considering that this essay was published in the newsletter for a gay car club — you could say that I have a unique perspective.

Essay: A Widow’s Walk

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